About Meg (the Founder)

I’m Meg, Founder of Momspired™. Also a married, busy mom of 4 kids, ranging from pre-school age to high school…Yes, I’m that crazy! I had a 20 year career as an Occupational Therapist in an urban public school system before getting diagnosed with Breast Cancer & a rare form of chronic leukemia in 2020/21. The diagnoses were shocking and devastating but also gave me a different perspective on life and made me question my true pursuit of happiness. I decided at that time to take a step back from the full time work grind and stay at home with my kids. I have always had a love for fashion & beauty trends and experimenting with bold accessories, as well as a firm belief in the importance of bringing your own sense of style to both your closet and home. 

About Momspired™

Once I stepped into the role of a stay at home mom, I became keenly aware of how busy the job of a mom really is and how easily one’s own self-care can take a back seat to everything else in life. That is, if you let it. After debating this blogging idea for several years, I decided to take a leap of faith and begin this journey of bringing a little momspiration to the online community. As a mom,I know that when I do a little solo shopping or lock myself in my room to try out a great face mask or foot scrub… anything to make ME feel better, I ultimately become a happier version of myself. I really believe we, as moms, should all wake up our style senses and ‘add to cart’ some fun, affordable purchases that make us feel 25 again (ok, that might be overdoing it but you get my point )! ‘Buying the bag’, then dressing up and wearing it proudly is good for a woman’s soul. 

On Momspired™, you’ll also find mom & home hack type products & organization inspo…. anything that can make our lives a bit simpler and easier. I also love when other moms share ideas or fave items they have purchased on my social sites so that I can then share them with others. That’s what this is all about y’all! 

I am currently a partner with both the Amazon Influencer and the Target affiliate programs, as well as other popular smaller businesses.

My sincere hope in creating this online shopping and blog space is that I can help some other busy ladies shop easier and more affordably… and to feel ‘momspired™’ in the process!

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